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Regular version of the site
The Palgrave Handbook of Unconventional Risk Transfer

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Bank Ownership and Efficiency of Russian Banks

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Book chapter
Global Recession and Income Inequality: Factors of Disruption for Elites in the Twenty-First Century

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In bk.: Global Governance in Transformation Challenges for International Cooperation. Springer, 2020. Ch. 1. P. 275-297.

Working paper
Conditions for Innovation in KIBS: Evidence from Russia

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The results of the scholarship competition for the CFA exam in 2022 have been announced

Банковский институт НИУ ВШЭ завершил очередной прием заявок на получение скидки при оплате регистрационного взноса для сдачи экзамена CFA любого из трех уровней.

Students from any of the HSE degree programs, as well as from the "Investment Management" MBA program (CFA Institute University Affiliate Program), could apply for a discount on the compettitve basis.

  • Sofia Eremkina, Master's program "Financial Analyst"
  • Elizaveta Povaliaeva, Master's program "Financial Analyst"
  • Dmitriy Isupov, Master's program "Financial Analyst"
  • Egor Kolesnikov, Master's program "Financial Analyst"
  • Kumar Raman Rajesh, Master's program "Financial Analyst"
  • Aleksei Shagaev, Master's program "Master of Finance"
  • Ivan Litvinov (HSE - St. Petersburg)
  •      Olzhas Amirov (HSE - ICEF)

    Earlier in the 2020/2021 academic year the Competition Commission supported 3 more applications:
  • Andranik Pogosyan, Master's program "Financial Analyst"
  • Maxim Chernyshev, Master's program "Financial Analyst"
  • Sergey Pozdnyakov, Master's program "Financial Analyst"

    We wish a good luck to the students with the upcoming exams. More details about the scholarships can be found here.